What’s the difference between a painter and a decorator?

The terms ‘painter’ and ‘decorator’ are often thought to mean the same thing, but you might be surprised to hear that there are subtle yet significant differences between the two roles. While both involve enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space, they each have their own focuses and skill sets, catering to different aspects of interior and exterior design.

Here, the team at Warwickshire Decorating Contracts dives deep into the main differences between the two professions.

A painter

The role

In short, a painter is someone skilled in painting, whether that be painting either commercial or residential spaces. 

In most cases, a painter primarily focuses on applying paint to surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, trim and other architectural elements. As well as preparing and priming surfaces, their work can also involve cleaning and sanding to ensure proper adhesion of the paint. They might only take on one room or complete the entire building.

Choosing the paint

As well as applying the paint, painters can also support clients with their paint selection. High-quality painters are often skilled in various painting techniques, including brushing, rolling and spraying, Plus, they can advise what paint should be used depending on durability, sheen and colour. 

Achieving the desired outcome

Painters can also recommend paint colours, finishes and techniques to ensure the desired result is achieved. Of course, ensuring a professional, top-quality finish is crucial. This can be done via clean lines, consistent coverage and proper cutting in. 

A decorator

The role

A decorator can work on improving a space in many ways – including but not just painting. Trained in many areas of interior design, a designer looks beyond just the paint application.

A decorator focuses on the overall aesthetics and ambience of a room or building, working closely with clients to develop design concepts that reflect their personal style, identity and requirements.

An eye for design

In most cases, they have a keen eye for colour, texture, pattern and proportion, as well as having a deep understanding of design principles.

While decorators might also handle painting tasks as part of their overall services, their expertise extends to other decorative elements, including wallpaper, fabrics, flooring, lighting, furniture and accessories. They can coordinate various design elements to create harmonious interiors or exteriors that reflect a client’s vision.

Sourcing materials

A decorator can support clients in sourcing materials, furnishing and decor items from vendors, in keeping with their budget. They might also collaborate with architects, contractors and other professionals involved in the construction or renovation process to ensure that design plans are executed seamlessly.

Planning not just painting

In some cases, decorators are more involved in the planning stages of a project too – helping clients to visualise the overall design concept for clients. They can effectively liaise between clients, contractors and suppliers, ensuring that everyone is aligned with the design vision and project timeline.

Are you looking for a professional decorator to support you with your next project?

While both painters and decorators contribute to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a space, painters specialise specifically in paint application and surface preparation. However, decorators focus on the overall design of a space.

Each role requires specific skills, knowledge and expertise, to deliver successful, high-quality outcomes that meet the needs and expectations of the client.

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