Transforming your home: Top interior trends for 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, we look forward to 2024 and the trends that’ll be everywhere in the coming months. Every year we see new interior trends – some are a nostalgic reminder of years gone by, whilst others are new concepts. 

But what will dominate our home interiors and steer decorating projects throughout 2024? Here, the industry experts at Warwickshire Decorating Contracts look at some of the top interior trends we can expect to see in the coming year.

Stripes will be big

Following on from the gingham and checkerboard prints that have taken the spotlight in recent years, it is anticipated that stripes are the next big pattern to dominate interior trends. Stripes can be incredibly versatile, which may be what is driving their popularity. Stripes can trick the eye into thinking a space is higher or wider than it is and can add an airy and sophisticated feel to any home. 

Chocolate neutrals are in favour 

For a few years now, grey has been the colour of choice for many home interiors, but neutral chocolate shades will be in favour in 2024. We expect to see a range of neutral chocolate shades in paint choices, wallpaper designs, accessories and textiles that will give homes an earthy feel.  

The rise of the mural

Staircases, hallways or a feature wall in the kitchen can all be ideal places to liven up the space and add more texture and depth with a mural. A mural is any piece of bold, graphic artwork that is directly painted or applied to a wall or ceiling. We expect that murals will become much more commonplace in the home and will be used to incorporate a high-end feel into otherwise neutral spaces.  

Mustard moves aside for buttery yellow

Mustard or ochre accents have been huge for the last few years, but their time on the centre stage may be over as more subtle buttery yellow hues take precedence. Whether as an accent colour or the main event, buttery yellow adds warmth and cosiness to any space and is particularly good for living spaces and bedrooms. 

Creative curves will reign 

While straight lines and straight edges will always have a place in interior design, the creative curve is making big waves. The use of curves can help soften spaces and make them feel more inviting and fun. Curves will be introduced in organic archways and furniture, while rounded shapes will be used in feature walls to add more depth to spaces.

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