Belgrade Theatre

Belgrade Theater, a grade 2 listed building that required excellent attention to detail and skill.

We were awarded the job of redecorating the interior and exterior of Belgrade Theater this required patience and hard work to remove all of the years of chewing gum and dirt as part of our preparation before we could decorate. We started painting the auditorium room first.



The Auditorium area

Once everywhere was thoroughly cleaned and prepped we began by carefully painting over 300 seating brackets with a metal paint within the gallery area.

We then moved on to the hardwood that surrounded the seating areas and stairs. This involved using a heavy duty cleaning degreaser solution and a mechanical brush to soak into the wood and remove any excess dirt.

We then used our dustless electric heavy duty sanders to take the wood back to the original hard wood. 

Next we applied two coats of hard wearing floor varnish to complete the look of all the hardwood in the auditorium.

Finally we painted the seating balconies that overlook the stage. These were on three different levels.

All of the walls in the auditorium and adjacent corridors were then prepped and painted with the luxury Myland’s paint.


We decorated all of the main lobby areas and staircases. This was over two levels and consisted of large areas with very high ceilings. We painted all of the walls, ceilings and woodwork. Being extra mindful to take care when working around the huge beautiful chandlers which hung from the ceilings! 

All of the walls was painted with a clean extreme crown paint.

Main entrance, waiting areas & the foyer

All of the work was done from a cherry picker.

The front of the building was extremely high and we could only reach 70% from a standard cherry picker.

We therefore needed to hire a specialist licensed cherry picker with a driver to reach the high areas.

It was very similar to a crane, good job we have no fear of heights! 

We spent over three weeks painting the external areas.