How Choosing The Right Decor Can Create a Productive Workspace

Creating a productive workspace is crucial for employers looking to maximise the efficiency, focus and overall well-being of their staff. After all, a productive working environment will not only help a business achieve its goals but also create a positive company culture and boost morale, both of which also play a key role in staff retention. 

While many factors contribute to a productive work environment, one aspect that often gets overlooked is the role of decor. In fact, the right decor choices can have a significant impact on the mood, ambience, and functionality of a workspace, leading to increased productivity. Here the experts at Warwickshire Decorating Contracts discuss how the right decor can help you create a productive workspace.

1. Colour is key

Colour plays a vital role in influencing our emotions and cognitive processes. Believe it or not, colour impacts our daily life lives more than we realise, especially when it comes to our working environment. 

So, when choosing decor, specifically to increase productivity, it’s important to strategically consider the colour scheme. You’ll want to look for colours that promote concentration, creativity and motivation.

Our top three colours for the ultimate productive workspace include:

  • Blue shades: for calmness and efficiency
  • Green tones: for balance, harmony and reducing stress levels
  • Yellow hues: for creativity and optimism

You might also want to weave in elements of orange, by way of increasing energy levels and enthusiasm.  

And, as much as there are certain colours we would recommend, there are also some colours we would advise you avoid too:

  • Clinical white: so many people lean towards using clinical white because it feels clean – but too much white can make people feel trapped. Instead, try incorporating white throughout the workspace, in smaller doses
  • Red: if you want to weave red into your overall colour scheme, then do it subtly. Too much red can be over-simulating and actually cause aggravation in the workplace
  • Black: while the likes of black, greys and browns might be trendy, too many dark tones won’t keep your staff motivated. Our advice would be to avoid darker shades in large amounts, especially if your workspace is on the smaller side – after all, you don’t want your staff feeling like they’re working in a cave.

Struggling to choose a colour that’s right for your workspace? The team at Warwickshire Decorating Contracts is ready to help you pick your perfect palette.

2. Don’t go over the top with colour

While colour can help to brighten up a room, you don’t want to overwhelm or over-stimulate your staff by throwing too many colours into the mix. After all, you don’t want employees to lack focus, because their environment is too busy.

Pick a base colour, along with one or two more secondary colours, and stick with those. 

3. If you want fun, add a feature wall

If you want to add an extra element of personality to your workspace – to reflect your brand – but don’t want the room to look messy or overcluttered, then add a feature wall. Feature walls are perfect for breaking up a bland room while helping to stimulate minds, boost focus and prompt productivity.

4. Choose lighting wisely

Another important aspect of decor is lighting. Proper lighting is essential for reducing eye strain and maintaining alertness. Ideally, you’ll want as much natural light as possible but if that’s limited, invest in high-quality artificial lighting sources that mimic natural light. 

Avoid harsh, fluorescent lighting that can cause headaches and fatigue. 

5. Bring the outside, inside

Incorporating elements of nature into your workspace has been shown to have numerous benefits, including when it comes to productivity. You could do this by adding plants, natural textures and nature-inspired artwork or photographs to create a calming and visually appealing environment. 

Remember, plants not only improve air quality but also contribute to a sense of wellbeing and help to reduce stress.

6. Are you ready to create a productive workspace? Get in touch with the professionals

If you want to maximise productivity in your workspace then it’s time to contact Warwickshire Decorating Contracts. Our experienced decorators are experts in bringing your commercial space to life while helping businesses to create an environment that not only mirrors their brand but takes productivity levels to the next level. 

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